Many of the couples that have been inquiring about our services have been asking for full-service, high-end, luxury all-inclusive, wedding packages in a setting that is unmatched anywhere in the Niagara Region.

We invite all couples married at The Little Wedding Chapel, The White Wedding Chapel or on location, to submit some photos for our testimonial page. Tell us about yourself, your wedding, what was unique and what was traditional (something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!).

Please make sure your pictures are at least 400 X 400 pixels or larger in jpg, gif, or png format.

Usually any picture taken with a digital camera or phone should be fine. Email to Nicole, our wedding Coordinator at niagarafallsweddings@gmail.com. See what they have to say here below:

Hello, This message is for all the couples out there wanting to know if the White Wedding Chapel and Niagara Falls Wedding World can provide the best wedding and memories possible when getting married in Niagara Falls. Well having found this company on the internet I wasn’t too sure but the whole company, staff members and options available are OUTSTANDING!!!!!! My whole day went PERFECTLY I didn’t have to worry about one single detail. Everytime I called I talked with someone immediately or if there was no answer either a phone call back or a message within 48 hours.

The packages this company has to offer are exceptional and well worth the money. They were able to provide a picturesque location as well as great accomodations without spending a fortune. We stayed at the Peninsula Inn and resort and had an amazing weeks stay there as well. The photographer and videographer were both amazing at their job as well as just great people to have around.

Our photographer made every picture fun and exciting. She was willing to stay past the hours she was originally given and even left for 2 hours at the dinner when she wasn’t needed but offered to come back afterwards for the reception! I wouldn’t have been able to find such great people if it hadn’t been for Wedding world and the White Wedding chapel. All the pictures on the website don’t even do the location justice! It is just beautiful and breathtaking. Wedding World made my day completely stress-free and even when i wasn’t in control things still went better than i could have planned or imagined myself. Everyone right down to the minister was friendly and kind and always had a smile. I can’t even begin to express how grateful and amazed I am at how wonderfully my whole wedding went. All that is left to say is THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER!!!!!

Jesse Moynihan

If anyone would like to speak with me personally about my experience they can email me at jesse_moynihan@hotmail.com

My name is Michelle Powley (now Michelle Cooper) and my husband’s name is Geordie Cooper. We were Married on June 9th, 2011 at The White Wedding Chapel at The Peninsula Inn and Resort. It was the most perfect day with a beautiful ceremony. All of our needs were met and the day went so smoothly. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a stress free, catered to day. The chapel and surroundings were beautiful with freshly cut grass and gorgeous flowers. We could see the chapel from our room window and it would make me smile just to see it.

The photographer was amazing and was excellent to work with. The Minister (Rev. Deb Vaughan) was so kind and performed the ceremony just as I had wished. The White Wedding Chapel was a dream come true. I knew from the moment I heard about it to now that it was perfect for us. It was everything and more and when I think back to it I would not have changed a thing. Thanks to all the staff for making it the perfect day!

Michelle and Geordie Cooper

Thank you Rev. Loretta for all of your great help and by merging two worlds. It was great and here are some pictures for you. Thanks again.

Beau and Monica

We started the day by going over to The Little Wedding Chapel on the Lane to meet Rev. Loretta. She was very nice and helpful. The service was wonderful. Everyone who was supposed to show up was there. After the service we stayed inside and took pictures and then we went outside and too some more. It was a nice day. We also went out for supper down on Clifton Hill. We would like to say thank you to Rev. Loretta for everything!

We would like to thank the Little Wedding Chapel for performing our ceremony for us with such short notice. It was beautiful and it couldn’t have been any more perfect then it was. We had decided on the Wednsday night to travel to Niagara Falls to get married. We left the next day (Thurs) and called the Chapel on Friday morning. They were more then happy to perform our ceremony on the same day. The Chapel was decorated perfectly and the good Rev. Peter Goodrich did a wonderful job putting together our vows and ceremony together with such a short notice.

He was pleasant and friendly and the Chapel rang of love.
Thank you for making this the best day of the rest of our lives!

Blair and Jeannine McDonald

My husband and i have been together for just over 20 years, we had a minor hiccup and separated for a short period of 10 months (3 years ago). We found our way back to each other as we realized we ARE each others soul mate and were meant to be with each other for the rest of our lives. We decided to renew our wedding vows and make a brand new fresh start for us and our family. while looking for places to renew our vows, i stumbled upon The fabulous Little Wedding Chapel. I couldn’t believe how beautiful, quaint and old fashioned it looked, so i decided to check it out. My husband and I wanted a 50`s Hollywood glam theme for our wedding, as my idol is Marilyn Monroe and the true love of HER life was Joe Dimaggio.

I proceeded to contact Jordin, to find out a little more information, and make arrangements for our little ceremony. Jordin was the most helpful, most pleasant, most Co-operative person to deal with and the more I spoke with her, the more i fell in love with this little chapel. Our big day FINALLY arrived, September 10, 2011. It was the most BEAUTIFUL day, the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS! we arrived at the chapel and was greeted by Jordin, she was so pleasant and such an amazing, Good hearted lady. she told us where to stand and where to walk from and just made things flow so smoothly! (our day would not have been the same without this wonderful person!)

My youngest son walked me across the beautiful little footbridge and into the chapel where my handsome groom was waiting for me, all smiles and beaming with happiness, as was i! My oldest son played an acoustic 1version of Almost Paradise whilei was walked down the aisle. it was AMAZING!

I got to the front of the church and joined hands with my wonderful husband while the minister started the ceremony. It was a BEAUTIFUL ceremony, he talked about our ups and downs,our being separated and our finding our way back to each other and this day. My heart was bursting with happiness! he pronounced us man and wife AGAIN and our new journey has begun!

I would recommend the fabulous wedding chapel to ANYONE, the staff is the most wonderful people to work with and they work with you to provide everything you need to make your wonderful special day complete. As for the location, you could not get a more Beautiful, Serene, Picturesque place to to get married or to even RE-marry the love of your life! i cant stop gushing to everyone about our vow renewal at The Fabulous Little Wedding Chapel! Thank you guys SOOOO much for making my vow renewal THE MOST WONDERFUL DAY OF OUR LIVES AND SOOOO VERY UNFORGETTABLE!

Tammy Gale

Ron Albert Melanson and Claudette Nicole Foxcroft were married on Saturday, October 15th at 2:00 pm, at the Little Wedding Chapel on the Lane. Our wedding day was perfect! We called to reserve our date and time and Reverend Goodrich was so helpful. He gave me directions and told me about everything we would need to bring. We were both very nervous and the emotions run so high. Both of us were on the brink of crying, but the Reverend put us at ease and gave very clear instructions throughout the whole ceremony so that everyone knew where they should be and what they should say. The vows were beautiful, and it made being married to one another feel so special.

The way the chapel was decorated was just right. It wasn’t overdone or tacky in any way. The seats are beautifully enhanced with simple white ribbon and greenery, and the oil paintings set the mood so perfectly. They are romantic scenes from weddings, which appear to be set in the 1800’s. I couldn’t stop looking at them. One of the things I loved was that we also got to play our a cd of our own music, so that I could walk down the aisle and we could take our vows to our song, “Dream Come True,” by Frozen Ghost. After the ceremony, Reverend Goodrich showed each of us where to sign on the licensing papers and Solemnization of Marriage, and then we were free to take all of our pictures. He even let us use our wedding cake for pictures, since we had no other place to get the shots of Ron and I feeding each other the first bite.

It was a magical and heartwarming wedding day that I will never forget, and we couldn’t have picked a more perfect venue! Thank you!!

Claudette Melanson

My name is Kelly Boyd nee Sade. My husband Philip and I wanted to thank The White Wedding Chapel and Rev. Loretta for the most wonderful of days!

Everything was perfect! The chapel was adorable and quaint and the perfect size for our intimate family only ceremony. The grounds were breathtaking with so many places to take beautiful photos!

They supplied the music and had everything run on cue. I’m a worrier and organizer and I didn’t have to bat an eyelash that day to any detail, everything just ran perfect and smooth! Our limo did run late, but the chapel was ready and got us going without incident or issue! Seems a small detail but I have heard of so many places who get nasty when things run late.. so thank you!

They were wonderful with the many children in our bridal party and all our guests. It was just pure joy.

And most of all… we are thankful for the amazing chuppah they made for us! We wanted to incorporate traditions from both sides of the family and they were so above and beyond accommodating!

We can’t thank you enough! And we hope that many more weddings take place in your Chapel and under your Chuppah! It brings good luck and happy marriages.. we are proof of that!

Thank you again, Jordin, Selena and Rev. Loretta for everything!

“Mr. & Mrs. Boyd! “

I would like to thank Rev. Lorretta & Jordin for everything. It was a very magical day that we will never forget and we could not have choosen a better venue.

Penny & Brian Parks July 2012

We had to delay our original date and the staff were amazing at helping us deal with everything. The Rev. Deb was great. She made our wedding feel very relaxed and upon first meeting her it felt as if she were an old friend. The chapel was beautiful and the grounds were perfect for photo’s. I highly recommend The White Wedding Chapel at The Peninsula Inn. They made my special day perfect!!

Daryla and John

Our wedding day was October 31st 2011 on Halloween Night at 7pm. Halloween is my favorite day of the year so we decided to dress up for our wedding. Not only was that but the moon was in Capricorn which is also the sign the moon was in when I was born. I am usually very lucky when the moon is in Capricorn. I’ve been studying Astrology/Wicca/paganism all my life so the hand fasting was the most wonderful part of our wedding ceremony. Jordin from The Little Wedding Chapel helped me with all the arraignments. Our Day was perfect. I have read about handfastings and when she suggested it I was so excited about it. I knew I would be having one of the most unique weddings anyone could have,. I had a church wedding the first time and my Halloween hand fasting weedding topped it by far. I recommend the Little Wedding Chapel to everyone when I tell them about our wedding. Lori Anne Mason-Bell.