Niagara Falls’ Original Wedding Chapel on the Lane T.M.Reg.

We are celebrating 30 years in business this year at 7701 Lundy’s Lane!

Reverend Peter and Lorie are so excited to offer you a new, updated, more modern look.

**Spring Specials**

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If you would like,  you can book an appointment to come in and see it all in person for your future ceremony. Just give us a call or an email.


Congratulations on your engagement or anniversary!

The Little Wedding Chapel on the Lane (T.M.Reg.) is Niagara Fall’s hidden gem. Cute and sweet, nestled behind our little garden, with the white arbour and the statue of Venus, at 7701  Lundy’s Lane. We have been here since 1994. This is the place to elope, get married with your family and friends, or renew your wedding vows.

When you choose our cute, little wedding chapel you will receive so much more than a civil ceremony at your local city hall.

We offer a sweetly decorated chapel with flowers arrangements, candles, white pews, a decorated arch, stained glass windows, and lots of tulle! Our very experienced officiant performs your wedding. Also, you may choose to have your own custom music playlist, and your choice from a number of beautifully created bouquets, to borrow, for your ceremony.

Upon request, a custom bouquet can be made for you and your attendants. See pricing on our Floral Packages Page.

Your wedding at the Little Wedding Chapel on the Lane (T.M.Reg.) is the best wedding choice with outstanding service and many extras.
We offer reasonable and competitive prices.
A deposit is required to secure your time and date. We will never ask you to pay the full balance before your wedding day.
Explore our many options for wedding packages on our Wedding Packages page  or  The Forever in Love Wedding page 
Our office does not provide marriage licences. For more information read under          Weddings: Your Marriage Licence or click here

 If you need documentation that you were married at our chapel: click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Weddings by the numbers

I love figuring out the numbers for certain dates.  We’ve noticed that many people like to book their wedding day by the numbers. If you’re one of those people you probably have your own special numbers, or you might want to consider one of these upcoming dates that are considered fortuitous  for the coming year, especially if you like your even numbers:

January 8th 2024 (01,08,24), February 2nd 2024 (02, 02, 24), February 12, 2024 (2 x 12 = 24), February 14, 2024 (02, 14, 24), February 20th, 2024 (02, 20, 24), February 24 2024 (02, 24, 24), April 2nd, 2024 (4 x 2 and 2 x 4), April 13, 2023 (1+3 = 4), April 20th, 2024 (04 + 20 = 24), April 22, 2024 (2+2=4), May 4th, 2024 (04, 04, 24), May 14th, 2024 (04, 14, 24), May 24th, 2024 (04, 24, 24), December 2nd, 2024 (12 x 2 = 24)!  Remember, when you add 2 odd numbers you get an even number, (1+3, 1+7, …) so that’s a whole lot more days the are great to get married. There’s also 1s and 11s. These are important numbers. Well, I could go on … and on … so I will.

You can also add odd numbered months to odd numbered days and get an even number, or add numbers to get 9 because 9 will not change the total:

January 1st 2024 (01,01,2024), January 3rd 2024 (01,03,2024), January 7th 2024 (01,07,2024), January 17th 2024 (01,17,2024), January 25th 2024 (01,25,2024), February 7 2024 (02,07,2024), and so on and so forth ….

Dates that add to 6 in 2024 would be January 5th, March 3rd, or May 1st. I could go on because it’s fun!  Oh, and what about 13?

Did you know that 13 is Taylor Swift’s lucky number? If you are a 13 person, there are a lot of 13s out there! And 1+3 adds to 4, so it’s a great number for 2024. So all you 13 people out there, it’s your year too. 

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The Little Wedding Chapel on the Lane (T.M. Reg.) Packages 

Celebrate 30 years in business on Lundy’s Lane with us! We look forward to many more years to come! Call to book your special day at The Little Wedding Chapel on the Lane.

We believe that the beauty and mystery of a relationship expressed through the act of marriage to be the most lovely of all human endeavours.

If your dream is to have a meaningful and personalized wedding ceremony and to work with a caring, dedicated and experienced wedding team, then we can help make your wedding day perfect.

As wedding specialists, we provide couples  with a personalized wedding ceremony that you, your family, and friends, will remember for years to come.

We are able to provide wedding services at at our wedding chapel, or at the location of your choice. Choose your favourite spot, be it a garden, park, private home, banquet hall, barn, or even a winery! We are able to provide a Wedding Officiant in the Niagara Region, Burlington and Hamilton. Call or email us today to discuss your wedding officiant! For more information about having your wedding at your chosen location  click here.

We will work with you to create your perfect ceremony, whether a civil ceremony or spiritual/religious in nature. View our ceremonies or consult with us regarding a hand-crafted ceremony.

Extra: To all of our Brides and Grooms from the Philippines, we now offer at no extra charge the beautiful Cord Ceremony. Simply advise us about this and supply the names of those taking part and bring your own Cords and Veil.

We are pleased to offer all ceremonies in English or *French. (*some conditions may apply)

We have a wedding planner on staff as well as experienced wedding officiants who will consult with you regarding every detail of your ceremony.

Please contact us at 905-357-0266, or 1-800-463-0884, or by email at  
We will be happy to discuss your ceremony plans with you or to arrange for a consultation with one of our officiants or our wedding planner. In person consultation by appointment please.

And, if you are a married couple, consider a Renewal of Vows Ceremony to celebrate your commitment to each other.

  • Air conditioned
  • Up to 50 people  including the wedding party in the chapel
  • Two decorated arbours
  • Up to 20 people seated for a ceremony in the chapel garden (late Spring, Summer and early Fall)
  • Excellent sound system in and outside
  • Ample free parking available for you and your guests.
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • We welcome all faiths
  • We welcome all couples
  • … Even dogs!